Safe Haven  & Rags To Riches Pet  Rescue's mission is to rescue abused and abandoned animals,  and eliminate puppy mills . Providing them with a second chance at life through adoption into permanent, loving homes. We strive to reduce the over population of animals by educating the public about the importance of spaying and neutering pets.


Safe Haven was established in 2006 by Melissa Utech  , Safe Haven is a 501 C3 Non-Profit Org Rags To Riches  was established  in 2014.  We are currently looking for as many foster homes as possible for these precious animals. The more foster parents we have the more pets we can rescue. A foster is a temporary home until we adopt into a forever .  Contact us at  for more information!


Safe Haven is looking to start a new reality show that would be viewed nationwide. Find out how to be involved!




Donating is more than just time or money, it's peace of mind. Now you can help even the smallest animal. 

Animal Rescue Chicks

We have a family here at Safe Haven that is overflowing with love for animals. There are always many opportunities to get involved.